The Primeiros Anos a Nossa Prioridade campaign aims to raise national awareness of, and to influence policies and investments on, early childhood development as a key dimension in building a healthier and sustainable society.

The national coalition’s partners aim to promote equal opportunities for all under 6 children, with special attention to the first 1,000 days of life, and that their families were able to provide them a safe attachment and a healthy safe and nurturing environment.

The national campaign Primeiros Anos a Nossa Prioridade takes place as part of the European campaign First Years First Priority.

Parents and caregivers need a facilitating environment of laws, policies, services and community support to assist them in providing their young children with nurturing care.”

Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development 2020 UNICEF



The European Campaign on Early Childhood Development is co-led by Eurochild and the International Step by Step Associationin partnership with the European Public Health Alliance and the Roma Education Fund.

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