Main National Indicators

Portugal needs to raise national awareness of the importance of the first years of life in human development because, despite many improvements, national indicators show some insensitivity to this theme.

Portugal still has:


Country Profile Portugal
(June 2021)

The information provided in this Country Profile reflects the situation at the end of May 2021, with FNSBS - Fundação Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso- as a contributor.

Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development

Developed by UNICEF in collaboration with “Countdown to 2030 Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health”.
Portugal – Nurturing Care

Early Cildhood

European Semester Report

The early childhood development position and recommendations for every country.
Resources Archive - First Years First Priority


CASA 2022

Annual Summary Characterization Report on the Situation of Children in alternative care, 2021, MTSSS

where do rich countries stand on childcare unicef

Where do rich countries stand on childcare?

UNICEF OFFICE OF RESEARCH – INNOCENTI June 2021. The report concludes with nine recommendations for how policies can be improved to provide comprehensive solutions to all families.


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