National Coalition

We are a national coalition of public, private and social sector entities, with the common goal of standing up for the importance of the first years of life  in the personal development throughout the life span.

We participate in the national campaign Primeiros Anos a Nossa Prioridade, to promote Early Child Development, putting the topic on the agenda in Portugal, so we can raise our society’s awareness of the importance of early childhood and the rights of the child in the human development process, aiming at building a healthy and sustainable society. With this coalition we will be able to:

We gather partners who cooperate and actively participate in promoting this Primeiros Anos a Nossa Prioridade campaign, helping to spread the message out and to give greater visibility to their own partners networks and audiences. 

The national network is of voluntary membership and open to society, formalized through action protocols.

Note: the list of the entities respects the sequence in joining the initiative

FNSBS is an institution focused, since 1951, on health promotion and disease prevention, with special focus on pregnancy, child and adolescent health and on preventive approaches, pursuing the general good and the strategic investment in the early years of life and in health promotion, as a way of building a healthier and sustainable society.

CNPDPCJ´s mission is to contribute to the planning of the State’s intervention and to the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the action of public bodies and the community in promoting the rights and protection of children and young people.

Parceiros Nacionais - IAC

IAC is an institution founded in 1983, whose main objective is to contribute to the integral child development, defending and promoting their rights. Since its foundation, it has dedicated particular attention to the promotion of health in the first years of a child’s life.

CNIS is the national confederation organisation of private social solidarity institutions, and pursues non-profit goals.  Its purpose is to defend and promote the framework of common values to private social solidarity institutions, seeking in particular, among other objectives, to preserve the identity of private social solidarity institutions, especially with regard to their preferential action with people, families and groups in need, fostering the exercise of their citizenship rights.

UMP is an umbrella organisation created in 1976 to guide, coordinate, dynamise and represent the Santas Casas de Misericórdia, defending their interests and organising services of common interest. As a social economy entity, its actions have been based on dialogue not only with the Misericordia, but also with various institutional partners, and throughout its existence it has been able to anticipate various social problems, proposing appropriate and effective solutions.

UNICEF Portugal is a non-governmental organisation whose mission is to promote and defend children’s rights, raising public and political awareness of children’s rights, especially for the most vulnerable children.

Fundação BGP is a private, non-profit institution, created in 2010, whose mission is to foster, develop and disseminate a new paradigm of clinical intervention inspired by a Relational Model, based on the assumption that fostering the bond between babies and their families has significant repercussions throughout development. It is the purpose of the Foundation to bring together, contingently, scientific objectives which inspire an essentially preventive intervention. Underlying all the Foundation’s activities is the objective of ensuring awareness for a Culture of the Child that is intended to inspire the whole of Portuguese Society.

Fundação do Gil is a collective person of a founding nature, non-profitable, and declared of public utility. Its statutory purposes are to contribute to the well-being, personal enhancement and full social integration of children and young people, by carrying out, promoting, participating in or sponsoring cultural, educational, artistic, scientific, social and welfare actions.

AEEP is an institution dedicated to ensuring the development of private and cooperative non higher education, promoting the defence of fundamental rights and freedoms in the field of education and teaching, and namely the freedom to teach and to learn, the right to educational choice and equal opportunities and conditions of access and attendance within the educational system.

APEI is an institution dedicated to the promotion of training and information in the area of Early Childhood Education, to the promotion of identity, professional and ethical development and innovation in the educational practices of its associates and professionals and a partner in educational policies for children from 0 to 6 years old.

Fundação Aga Khan (AKF) has been active in Portugal since 1983 in thematic areas related to education and early childhood development (ECD), community development and strengthening civil society, with an emphasis on the inclusion of people with a migrant background and with seniors (ageing).Globally, but also with great expression in Portugal, AKF develops research and programmes in education and early childhood development (ECD) aimed at ensuring that children have a good start in life, influencing the quality of systems and institutions, investing in professionals and ecosystems that ensure well-being and learning.

ANIP is an institution that has as its object the implementation of all actions related to early intervention, aimed at children from zero to six years and their families and agents of their respective communities, to support and promote the child’s learning and development opportunities and emotional well-being, to strengthen the skills of their family and other caregivers, and to promote their social inclusion.

Caritas Portuguesa is a public legal entity of foundational nature, being the union of the 20 Diocesan Caritas of Portugal and has as its objectives the assistance, social promotion and solidary development.

Associação Protectora da Primeira Infância (APPI) is an institution, created in 1901, dedicated to care and education of early childhood, 0 – 3 years, with priority to the neediest families.

Obras Sociais de Viseu has the vision of being a reference partner in social and community intervention, promoting health, safety, participation and learning, enhancing autonomy, non-discrimination and inclusion.

Caminhos da Infância is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, which since 2014, promotes the prevention of child abuse, through its campaign “Childhood does not repeat itself“.

Umbilical is an association since 2017, with the purpose of working towards the promotion of emotional well-being in pregnancy and postpartum, which aims to assist the woman, partner and/or remaining family, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, age, religion, beliefs or marital status.

CPCJ-Oeiras is an official non-judicial institution with functional autonomy, whose intervention aims to promote the rights of children and young people and prevent or put an end to situations that may affect their safety, health, training, education or integral development.

Fundação Bissaya Barreto is a Social Solidarity Institution with intervention in social, educational, professional training and cultural areas, that accompanies and attends to social emergencies of each new era, placing its capital of experience, strategies, and resources at service of the sustainable development and social cohesion.

ESEL is a polytechnic higher education institution that aims at human education in its cultural, scientific, technical, ethical, aesthetic, and professional aspects, in the nursing domain, based on a permanent attitude of scientific innovation, in close connection with the community in a perspective of reciprocal development and valorisation.

ISPA – University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences has as its mission the high level qualification and the production and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences, as well as the cultural, technological, scientific and civic training of its students within a framework of international reference.

DGE  – is the service of the direct administration of the Portuguese State which is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and proposing guidelines, in pedagogical and didactic terms, for pre-school education, basic and secondary education and extra-school education and for the technical support to their formulation, focusing mainly on the areas of curricular development, teaching and evaluation instruments and educational support and supplements.

ProChild CoLAB develops a national strategy to combat child poverty and social exclusion within a transdisciplinary scientific approach, linking public and private sectors, connecting academics and practitioners in the field, and actively contributing to evidence-based public policies.

Colégio Origami is an institution dedicated to supporting children from the acquisition of gait to 6 years, providing a support service to families, but above all in the education of children from early childhood.

SNIPI – National Early Intervention System (Sistema Nacional de Intervenção Precoce) represents a mechanism of coordination across the Ministries of Health, Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, and Education, at national, regional and local level, that aims to guarantee the necessary development conditions for children up to the age of six and their families.

Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Melgaço– Institution of Solidarity, founded in 1517, has been providing social support to the most disadvantaged. It is dedicated to three priority areas of intervention, support for the elderly, children and social action, and provides a set of essential services to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged population, including nursery facilities, among many others.

ABSHALOM is a solidarity institution dedicated to supporting: children and youth, including children and youth at risk; the families; the elderly; people with disabilities; social and community integration; and the social protection of citizens in illness, old age, disability and death, as well as in all situations of lack or reduction of means of subsistence or capacity for work. 

SER is an entity dedicated to supporting vulnerable groups or those at risk (children, young people, the elderly, the unemployed, ethnic minorities), by providing responses for people’s health and well-being, through the development of services, social, training and occupational programmes, professional training for the acquisition or improvement knowledge and professional skills, and other educational and pedagogical activities.

ABLA – Associação de Beneficência Luso-Alemã – is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS) and a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO), whose mission is to serve the surrounding community, locally and internationally, developing the skills of the individual throughout the life cycle, working so that everyone can fully achieve their potential in a fairer society.

Administração Regional de Saúde do Centro, I.P. – ARSC has the mission to ensure that the population of the respective geographical area of intervention has access to quality health care, adapting the available resources to health needs and complying with and enforcing the National Health Plan. Considering the fact that the promotion of mental health in pregnancy and early childhood is one of the most important areas in the life cycle, the ARSC has undertaken to be part of this national coalition and to participate actively in its dynamization through the Cres(SER) Project – Mental Health in Pregnancy and Early Childhood.

Colégio Santiago is a private institution that receives children from 4 months to 6 years of age, in nursery school and pre-school. We value relationships and transparency and therefore our door is always open to our school community.

CrescerSer – associação portuguesa para o direito dos menores e da família-  promotes, organizes and boosts community services in support of children, young people and family society and to boosting specialised training in the areas of protection, reception and follow-up for technicians linked to the problem of children and young people at risk.

Pingo Doce operates in the food retail sector and is present in more than 460 stores in Portugal, seeking to promote closer ties and give back by fostering social and economic well-being in the communities in which it operates. Pingo Doce joins the campaign as a partner entity, with the Clube do Bebé do Pingo Doce project, which aims to accompany the parenting journey of families with babies aged between 0 and 4 years.

The Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People of Montijo – CPCJ Montijo – is an entity dedicated to promoting children’s rights, acting at the level of prevention and ensuring the welfare and comprehensive development of children and young people.

The Municipality of Cascais is a local authority committed to implementing policies that meet the interests and needs of its citizens. It promotes support programmes for families with children and the qualification of organisations working in the field of childhood. It bases its actions on partnership structures such as Crescer Melhor em Cascais, Educar Melhor em Cascais;  e o Programa Cidades Amigas das Crianças, which aim to improve the quality of life of children and the adoption of a coordinated policy for children.

CPCJ de Coruche  is an official non-judicial institution with functional autonomy, whose intervention aims to promote the rights of children and young people and prevent or put an end to situations that may affect their safety, health, training, education or integral development.

CPCJ de Amadora  is an official non-judicial institution with functional autonomy, whose intervention aims to promote the rights of children and young people and prevent or put an end to situations that may affect their safety, health, training, education or integral development.


CPCJ Lisboa Ocidental is an entity dedicated to: contributing to the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Young People in articulation with the Family, Entities with Competence in Childhood and Youth Matters, Courts and the Community.


The Associação de Protecção à Infância da Ajuda  – APIA, a private social solidarity institution, develops its action responding to the needs of crèche and pre-school children, whose pedagogical model is based on the principles and philosophy of the Modern School Movement.

The Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens de Peso da Régua – CPCJ Peso da Régua  is a non-judicial official institution, which aims to promote the rights of children and young people and to prevent or put an end to situations likely to affect their safety, health, training, education or integral development.

Movimento de Defesa da Vida – MDV – sees itself as a qualified resource with a transdisciplinary dimension in the areas of health and social intervention, which promotes the dignity of all people, especially children, young people and their families, accompanying each reality through a liberating pedagogy of a Christian humanist nature.


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