The pedagogical documentation: a testimony of experiences and learning of children, families and professionals of the Centro Infantil Olivais Sul

In 2019, the Aga Khan Foundation celebrated 10 years of managing the Centro Infantil Olivais Sul – CIOS. Among other initiatives, a process of collecting, reflecting and writing about the pedagogical documentation during that period was initiated. It is our pleasure to make available to the educational community a brochure that aims to be a testimony of professionals, children, and families.

This publication is an evidence of the work of the CIOS team, with the purpose of sharing with other professionals and with the scientific community, focusing on one of the fundamental dimensions of pedagogy: pedagogical documentation. The collective knowledge and know-how were organised, systematised and written by Andreia Lima in the company of Ana Azevedo and Joana Sousa. Over the course of several months, the voices and feelings of many people were woven together, and dozens of documents were analysed to create the narrative that is shared here and shows the journey of 10 years (2009-2019) at the Centro Infantil Olivais Sul.

The pdf version can be requested here

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